The Acts 6 Ministry seeks to honor, esteem, and encourage The Shepherd’s Church widows in accordance with God’s Word, confirm their place in the body, and enrich their worship experience.  If you are a widow at The Shepherd’s Church, you have the following resources available to you through the Acts 6 Ministry:

  1. Ministry Team Assignment-  You may elect to be assigned a ministry team to walk alongside you and build an ongoing relationship with you.  A ministry team provides a widow a connection to individuals in the church body, encouragement, support, prayer, practical help and recommended resources within and outside of the Acts 6 Ministry.  Ministry team members will serve you in a variety of ways (e.g., calls, cards, visits, meals, activities, acts of kindness, assistance with needs, etc.).  Wouldn’t it be a relief and comfort to have a Ministry Team to contact in times of challenges or when you need wise counsel?   If you are interested in having an assigned Ministry Team, please contact or call Care Ministry at 919-233-9100.
  2. Special Talent Volunteers– We are excited that within the Acts 6 Ministry we have individuals with many talents and skills for practical assistance to widows.   These volunteers can assist you with inside work, outside work,  and some skilled services.  Examples of ways our Special Talent Volunteers may serve you include but are not limited to: lawn care, home repairs, changing bulbs, flip mattress, hanging pictures, cleaning, minor plumbing, minor electrical, computer support, painting, minor carpentry, minor appliance and home electronics.    If you have a need and you do not have family to assist you, please contact or call Care Ministry at 919-233-9100.

In addition to the Acts 6 Ministry,  widows are encouraged to participate in Widows Might, which is a fellowship of Christian widows dedicated to encouraging dependence on God and embracing life with hope and promise while surrounded by a loving Christian community. To learn more about Widows Might, please contact Margaret Trail at  919-219-0917.  Click HERE for information on the next Widows Might Fellowship. 

Widow Questionnaire-
We ask that each widow at The Shepherd’s Church to please click HERE to complete a questionnaire that will assist us as we serve you. You only need to complete the questionnaire once. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

GOT QUESTIONS? Email us at or call Care Ministry at 919-233-9100